About Dawn

Dawn has had art and technology around for her entire life. As a toddler she did not just play with crayons, play-doh and do crafts, but also played DOS games and practiced typing!

During her teenage years she took many art lessons and had a strong involvement with the Royal Canadian Air Cadet Program. Dawn pursued a career in the arts, and received a diploma in Digital Media Design with honours.

She resided in Australia for 5 years for study and work and play. Dawn received her Bachelor of Visual Media: Graphic Design Major and Master of Arts and Media with Honours degrees from Griffith University.

Dawn's dissertation for the Master of Arts and Media program applied her expertise in design with her love for electronic music and the subculture based around it. The project determined the feasibility of establishing an Electronic Music Community Network known as Synth FM for Alberta, Canada. PLUG-IN to www.synthfm.com.

Dawn tries to live, laugh and learn everyday and would like to remind you that life isn't always the party you hoped for, but while your at it... you may as well dance! :)